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 Owner/ Editor /Photographer I

Hookum Leese

Hookum Leese is an editorial and family friendly photographer and videography specializing in people and corporate photography and video with a style consisting of romantic, professional and energetic imagery. Hookum Leese runs a client-friendly, service-oriented business. She believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with her clients. Based in  East, Texas, Hookum Leese and her team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you to be hooked to your memories.


Fabian lives in Addison, Tx, he is a family oriented and family friendly photographer and videographer with creative instinct to capture just the right shot to make your photos pop. He travels to many cities and specializes in people and event photography and video as well. Fabian has worked with comedians, poets, actors/actresses, music artist and many other entertainers and individuals. He will travel to the location of the scenery which best suits your needs and hooks the moments so that you can apply them to your memories forever.

Photographer II





Lasha is primarily from the DFW for more than 20 years, currently resides East Texas area. She books all types of photo shoots, events private or general. She remains confident and customer service oriented while marketing the next job. Lasha demonstrate strategic marketing thinking capacity at a global scale, data driven when it comes to detailing specific needs from and for each client. She is customer focused, proactive, creative and innovative when getting the job done. She has an open door communication with all customers before, during and after the job is final. Lasha makes it possible for Hookum Photography photographers to hook you to your special moment. 

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